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Daycare management training and development is our specialty and area of expertise. As a director or facilitator, you will be creating a larger vision for your child care program. Let us show you how to perform your job as a center director with motivation, and creativity.


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"Sooooo proud of one of my former (lifetime ) Mentees who is doing it BIG, Obioma Martin, an Accountability Coach, Professor, Early Childhood Strategist/Trainer and Author who was the featured speaker today"

Lougenia Rucker

Johnna Ithier

Look forward to signing on for the next quarter!Obioma encouraged me! In August 2015 I met Obioma and hired her as my life coach! Since then I have written a book, started a business, and made some definite power moves! Thanks Obioma Martin."

Johnna Ithier

"I got the clarity I needed, I got the tribe I needed, and I got the opportunity to shine my brilliance in a Ballroom... If only you knew my story, you would understand how much I needed that divine inspiration to push for more. Thank you, Obioma for casting out a wide net."

Dr. Toni Moore

Brandi Nichole

"I am blessed to have met some powerful women. May God Bless us exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think according to the power the work in us!"

Brandi Nichole

Brandi Nichole

"Just finished with a super-productive coaching session with Obioma, which was my last one for the quarter. I definitely learned a lot, feel more confident in my path and have a clearer and defined direction for my business. Look forward to signing on for the next quarter!"

Nichole Renee

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