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Succeed as an Outstanding Childcare Administrator

1. Clear Vision

visionYour vision is your ultimate goal for success in Childcare. When you have a clear vision, it will keep you on track and focused on the right things, because you’re always conscious of where you’re going. Always keep your vision at the forefront of your mind. Read and re-read your mission statement and say it out loud often. This will keep you focused on what really matters and help you avoid distractions as they come. This week, do a fresh vision board. Whenever I need more clarity, I get out the glue sticks and magazines and begin to post the pictures that speak to me. You’ll end up with a storyboard of clarity – a road map to pull you in the right direction! Post your vision board in your office and at the entrance of your center.

2. Drive



Seven tips to help directors stay inspired and develop their creativity

I am currently working with a director who has a new enrollment of children with special needs from birth through age five. Her current staff is not trained to deal with the amount of children and their diverse needs. She began hiring consultants to come into the classroom to work with her staff. Just last week she says to me “I really want to continue to serve these children but I don’t have the budget to hire additional staff or get additional outside support”. She has a clear vision of who she wants to help and who her targeted audience is. I began to brain storm with her to see how she can add more value to the families that she currently serves so that she can increase her tuition which will cover the cost for a special needs coordinator who will be employed full time and work with the staff and families year around.



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